About Us

The mission of GAMIDOR DIAGNOSTICS is to provide systems, chemicals, reagents and services to clinical and research laboratories in Israel. Following its establishment in the mid 1980s by the "Gamida for Life" Group and Mr. Yacob Ofer, the Company experienced a rapid growth to become what it is today: a leading provider of high-quality, state-of-the-art diagnostic solutions, serving all hospitals, health management systems and academic research institutes in Israel.

GAMIDOR DIAGNOSTICS is marketing and customer orientated. It employs a highly motivated and dedicated group of people, who understand the customer needs and have the qualifications and experience required to serve them.

GAMIDOR DIAGNOSTICS has the ability to create close partnerships with the customer on the one hand and the supplier on the other, which is regarded as the key factor for the company’s success.
The marketing efforts of the sales team are enhanced through exhibitions, seminars, publications in scientific journals and by the company’s own experienced team of service engineers that provide high quality technical service at both customer`s site and our in-house laboratory. Since 1998, Gamidor Diagnostics holds ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Our major fields of interest include:
• Allergy
• Cell culture & Fermentation
• Genetic & Pharmacogenomic Testing
• Imaging Systems
• Lab Automation Solutions
• Microbiology
• Molecular Biology
• Pathology & Cytology Testing
• Point of Care
• Prenatal & newborn Testing
• Quality Control Programs
• Urine Pathology
• Veterinary

• Women's Health

GAMIDOR DIAGNOSTICS is a member of a group of companies in Israel and Europe that are working in Healthcare and its related fields:

Gamida Ltd. provides hospital consumables and pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and devices in various hospital fields, as well as microcontamination control products and services.


Danyel Biotech supplies products and services for both life sciences and biotechnological industry.



Savyon Diagnostics is engaged in the research, development and assembly of in vitro diagnostics in the fields of ID and Genetic tests (NANOCHIP).