At Gamidor Diagnostics, sales means satisfying the needs of our customers on an ongoing basis, to capture and understand their goals and challenges and to demonstrate the value of our solutions. Our sales team is highly trained and experienced, each member has an academic background in life sciences.

Sales Team

Michal London
Michal LondonV.P. Business Development, Pathology & Woman’s Health Division Head.
Tel: 972.3.9277295
Mobile: 972.52.2238635
Amichai Cnaan
Amichai CnaanSenior Product Manager
Genetics, Pharmacogenetics, Prenatal and Neonatal Screening
Tel: 972.3.9277283
Mobile: 972.52.2808772
Hila Gilboa
Hila Gilboa Division Head
Microbiology,Food & Industry
Tel: 972.3.9277286
Mobile: 972.52.2572006
Ronit Shemesh
Ronit ShemeshSenior Product Manager Quality Control & Cytogenetics

Tel: 972.3.9277298
Mobile: 972.52.8663080

Avi Eskenazi
Avi EskenaziSenior Product Manager
Tel: 972.3.9299135
Mobile: 972.54.2453341
Nimrod Reuveni
Nimrod ReuveniProduct Manager
Pathology & Allergy
Tel: 972.3.9277292
Mobile: 972.52.6599972
Meital Alon
Meital AlonProduct Manager
Pathology & Women's Health
Tel: 972.3.9277287
Mobile. 972.52.6599973
Mali Zohar
Mali ZoharProduct Manager
Pathology & Women's Health
Tel: 972.3.9299139
Mobile: 972.50.4253525
Hili Ofer
Hili OferProduct Manager
Allergy & Women's Health
Tel: 972.3.9277271
Mobile: 972.52.3656515
Yaniv Greenfeld
Yaniv GreenfeldProduct Manager
Microbiology, Food & Industry Tel: 972.3.9277296
Mobile: 972.52.6599976
Tal Heller
Tal HellerProduct Manager
Microbiology, Food & Industry
Tel: 972.3.9277262
Mobile: 972.54.5808701