The main purpose of pathology is to study and diagnose diseases.
Pathology has two main branches: anatomical and clinical.
Anatomical Pathology focuses on diagnosis based on the microscopic, chemical, molecular and immunologic examination of tissues, organs and autopsies.
Clinical Pathology bases its diagnosis on the laboratory analysis of fluids such as blood and urine as well as tissues that are examined through microbiology, chemistry, molecular pathology and hematology.
The vast majority of cancer diagnosis is made by pathologists. Pathologists examine tissue biopsies to determine if they are benign or cancerous.
Pathology includes in it the fields of histopathology that examines whole tissues for abnormalities and signs of disease and the field of cytopathology that is the examination of single cells for signs of disease.
Gamidor Diagnostics is the leading force in Israel for the field of pathology. We use the most advanced systems in the field of diagnostic pathology for the use in the newest technologies in area of target therapy. Systems that can incorporate FISH/ISH, IHC and microarrays into the process of slide prepping. We incorporate systems from major companies in the field like Ventana Inc. that is one of the world’s foremost developers and manufacturers of medical diagnostic instrument and reagent systems providing leading-edge automation technology for use in slide-based diagnosis of cancer and infectious disease.


Cytology is the study of cells. It observes the structure, chemistry and function of cells. The two main branches of the area is cytopathology and cell biology.Cell biology is the study of normal cellular cells.Cytopathology is the study of cellular disease and the observation of changes that occur in the normal cell that may indicate an appearance of disease in order to diagnose it. Gamidor diagnostics is the leader of new diagnostics in the field of cytopathology with the most trusted products such as the ThinPrep® liquid Pap test, the only liquid Pap test is FDA approved for the test itself and theThinPrep® imaging system. The test is also the only test in the world which can incorporate HPV testing in the “direct out of the vial” method.