Prenatal Screening tests for the detection of Down syndrome, NTD (Neural Tube Defects) and other syndromes are routinely offered in Israel since the early 80’s. The tests are offered to all pregnant in the early 1st trimester of the pregnancy (PAPP-A and fBHCG) and in the 2nd trimester (Triple Test: AFP, HCG, UE3).
Gamidor Diagnostics represent Perkin Elmer Life Sciences, a global leading supplier of Prenatal and Neonatal Screening technologies. The assays run on the automated AutoDelfia and Delfia Xpress analyzers. More then 85% of the Prenatal Screening tests done in Israel are preformed on the AutoDelfia analyzers using the Delfia kits and the Life Cycle risk calculation software.

Neonatal Screening tests are also routinely performed in Israel since the early 80’s in the central MOH Neonatal lab in Shiba hospital. Collecting small drops of blood on a paper card from a baby’s foothill performs the tests, which are sent to the central lab for analyzing. Since 2005 all Neonatal tests in Israel for TSH, T4 and 17OHP are performed on AutoDelfia systems, punchers and central LIS software (Specimen Gate), which were installed by Gamidor Diagnostics.