WASPLab is a state of the art end to end fully automated microbiology specimen processor and workup solution that connects with WASP units using conveyor track. WASPLab allows to move any sample from front end processing to full specimen management, automated incubation and digital microbiology. The modular design and small footprint allow you to customize WASPLab to your unique lab needs. The robotic plate management system, smart incubators, an ground breaking image acquisition technology, are changing how labs around the world work and it is leading the way to the digital microbiology revolution.


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Product Description

Dimensions: 43.5 inches wide x 81.5 inches long x 76 inches tall
(111 cm wide x 207 cm long x 193 cm high)
Peripherals: Touch screen monitor, external barcode reader, label printer
Input Voltage: 220V, 20Amps
Network Ethernet: 100 MB
Interface: LIS interface available upon request
Certifications: CE, UL, CSA
Electrical Receptacle Plug: HBL2321 250V / 20A (for USA and Canada)
Weight: Approximately 1,300 LBS (590 Kg)